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Chinese security monitoring industry has formed a complete industrial system from upstream software and component R&D and production, to midstream product design and manufacturing, to downstream system integration and operation and maintenance services. Sensors, big data applications, biometric identification, speech recognition, algorithms, 5G, "Internet of Things +" and other technological research have boosted the industrial development of security monitoring and its application in various industries.

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Security monitoring

MFrontier sensors are widely used in the field of security monitoring

As people's living standards continue to improve, security monitoring systems are continuously applied to smart buildings, energy, transportation, education, telecommunications, customs, energy and other fields. The "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" proposes: to promote artificial intelligence the in-depth application of intelligence in the field of public security promotes the construction of an intelligent detection, early warning and control system for public security.

Sensors play an indispensable role in the industrialization process of security monitoring. As the basis of system perception layer and data collection, sensors are not only an electronic component, but also an indispensable sensing organ in the field of security monitoring. They are the "eyes" of all things. .

The gas sensors, temperature sensors and pyroelectric flame sensors developed by MFrontier can be widely used in various security monitoring applications, especially in smart buildings, smart factories, smart energy, smart medical and other fields.

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