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In a modern society with rapid global economic development, world energy consumption continues to grow. Building a green earth and building a low-carbon, clean, safe and efficient energy system is one of the foundations of the sustainable development of human society.

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Smart Energy

MFrontier sensors are widely used in the field of smart energy

Smart energy is to make full use of computers, electronics and advanced materials, etc. Through continuous technological innovation and institutional changes, to integrate the wisdom of mankind in the entire process of energy development and utilization, production and consumption, to establish and improve ecological civilization and sustainability. The energy technology and energy system required for sustainable development will realize "Internet + Internet of Things = Smart Earth".

As one of the three pillars of modern information technology which including sensing technology, computer technology, communication technology. Sensor technology is a key technology for the construction of smart energy systems. Sensors provide the original information necessary for system control, processing, decision-making and execution. Information is of special significance to connect the upstream and downstream of the smart energy industry.

The temperature and gas sensors developed by MFrontier can be widely used in smart energy fields, such as electric power, oil and gas, mines. To enhance smart power generation, smart grids, smart exploration, smart oil and gas fields, smart pipeline networks, and smart refining. lmprove the intelligence in other fields, and build a safe, clean, efficient, economical and sustainable energy system.

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