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Article 1

All information and charts published on this website are for reference only. The publication of these documents does not constitute an invitation or intention to acquire, purchase, subscribe for, sell or hold any shares. Persons who refer to the documents published on this website should be deemed to have confirmed the above position. The profits and losses caused by investors' financial, securities and other investment projects based on the information, materials and charts provided by this website have nothing to do with this website.


Article 2

When users of this website participate in various activities organized by the website, we will ask you to provide some personal information through registration forms, etc., with your consent and confirmation, such as your name, gender, age, date of birth, identity Certificate number, home address, education level, company status, industry, etc. Please rest assured that we will never disclose any of your information to any third party in any way without your consent.


Article 3

When government and judicial authorities require this website to disclose personal information in accordance with legal procedures, we will provide personal information in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement units or for the purpose of public security. This website is exempt from any liability for any disclosure under this circumstance.


Article 4

This website is not responsible for any leakage of personal data caused by users telling others their personal passwords or sharing their registered accounts with others.


Article 5

This website is not responsible for any leakage, loss, theft or tampering of personal data caused by hacker attacks, computer virus intrusions or outbreaks, temporary shutdowns due to government regulations, or any other force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network.


Article 6

This website is not responsible for any leakage of personal data caused by other websites linked to this website and any legal disputes and consequences resulting therefrom.


Article 7

If this website needs to suspend service due to system maintenance or upgrade, it will be announced in advance. If the service is suspended due to line and hardware failures beyond the control of the company or other force majeure, this website will not be responsible for any inconvenience and loss caused during the suspension of service.


Article 8

If users of this website violate the laws of the People's Republic of China by violating the provisions of this statement, they are responsible for all consequences, and this website does not assume any responsibility.



Article 9

Anyone who logs into this website in any way or uses the information on this website directly or indirectly is deemed to voluntarily accept the constraints of the statement on this website.


Article 10

For issues not covered by this statement, please refer to the relevant national laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.


Article 11

The statement on this website and its right to modify, update and final interpretation belong to Chuanghe New Material Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.