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In recent years, the rapid iterative development of international consumer electronics products has driven the rapid growth of the market size of consumer electronics devices such as smartphones and tablets. Driven by technological innovation, global consumer electronics products are emerging one after another, and the penetration rate continues to increase. The consumer electronics industry has developed rapidly and formed a huge industrial scale.

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Consumer electronics

MFrontier sensors are widely used in the field of consumer electronics

With the promotion of 5G policies, China's consumer electronics industry is booming and leading the international trend.At the same time, people have more expectations for the functionality and intelligence of consumer electronic products. Features such as smooth connection, intelligent somatosensory, and data sharing among smart portable electronic devices have become the functional features preferred by consumers.

As a key component of consumer electronics intelligence, MEMS sensors are widely used in mobile phones, tablets, computers, wearables (including smart watches, TWS headsets), etc. The applications of MEMS sensors in the field of consumer electronics mainly include touch, image, motion, pressure, temperature, position, etc. The pressure and temperature sensors developed by MFrontier can be integrated into various consumer electronics and wearable products, helping consumer electronics develop in the direction of "light, thin, short, small" and intelligent.

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