MGS11 Series

MGS11 Series

Refrigerant sensor
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MGS11 Series


MGS11 Series

Refrigerant sensor

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#Refrigerant sensor

MGS11 Series

Refrigerant sensor

The MGS11 series gas sensor module adopts the NDIR gas measurement principle and combines a gold-plated gas chamber with a high-precision sampling circuit. It has built-in temperature compensation and self-calibration functions. It can accurately measure the gas concentration of R32, R454B, R410A in the environment. It has long service life, high measurement accuracy, It has the advantages of good gas selectivity and stable performance.

High precision

High precision

Stable and reliable performance

Stable and reliable performance

Built-in pressure/temperature compensation

Built-in pressure/temperature compensation

Fast response speed

Fast response speed

Supports multiple output modes

Supports multiple output modes

Technical Parameters

Measuring refrigerant type


Measurement principle

NDIR(Non-dispersive infrared gas analysis technique)


Measuring range


Measurement accuracy



≤1%FS/ year

Temperature effect

±5ppm/℃ or ±0.02%RD/℃ after compensation

Barometric effect

≤±0.02%RD/hPa, after compensation

Preheating time

The operation takes about 1 min and the performance takes about 5min

Response time

T63≤12s, T90≤25s

Operating voltage

24±20%VDC, power supply ripple: Vp-p≤100mV

Working current

Average ≤30mA, peak ≤ 120mA

Output mode

Switch quantity /RS485/UART/IIC

Alarm threshold

Default 10000ppm can be modified (return difference fixed 1500ppm)

Mean time without failure

≥10 years

Overall dimensions (L×W×H)


Mounting hole

Mounting screws M3, distance between mounting holes 52mm

Electrical interface

0.3mm2 5-core RVV cable, the default cable length is 1.5m

Waterproof and dustproof grade



Operating temperature


Working humidity


Working pressure


Storage temperature


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